Exercises For Love Handles – Is There Really Such A Thing

Exercises for love handles are one of the biggest myths of the entire fitness and fat loss industry. And I don’t know why people keep spouting off at the mouth touting that you can reduce the size of this stubborn area by doing a few different exercises.

This just simply cannot happen. It’s impossible to spot reduce an area of your body by doing “target” training. You can’t magically melt off fat this way. I wish it was that easy, but sadly it’s not. However, there are certain ways you can lose target the fat around your love handles, but it has nothing to do with certain exercises. It has to do with manipulating various hormone levels inside of your body THROUGH the use of different TYPES of exercise. Note that I said exercise and not exercise(s).

One of the ways I’ve found through trial and error AND that’s backed up by scientific research is that you can specifically lose the fat around your midsection through the combination of targeted “heat” training, fasting, and cardiovascular workouts.

Now normally I’m not a huge fan of regular, slow, boring cardio workouts because they don’t provide you a huge bang for your buck. But in this case, this type of slow boring cardio is perfect for the job. The reason is because when you increase your heart rate to around 60-65% of its max, your body mainly burns body fat for fuel. This is what we ideally want.

Now if you were to do this type of training in a fasted state, specifically in the morning, your fat burning switches will really be turned on. AND they found if you heated the area up while doing this type of training in fasted state, this directed blood flow to your problem spots. Therefore, there was more fatty acid mobilization in that specific area.

This pretty cool stuff and something that is not really talked about all that much. They also found through micro dialysis that in order to make this really work, you need to exercise the muscle underneath the spot of fat that you’re trying to get rid of WHILE doing your cardiovascular exercise. No you don’t need to be doing crunches while on the treadmill.

All you do is hop off every 15-20 minutes and perform 2-3 sets of crunches or bicycles to failure. This will get the job done without a problem. And in terms of creating a heating source to the specified area such as your love handles, all you need to do is wrap a sweat shirt around your waist, a weight lifting belt, or a sweat wrap that you can purchase at any sporting goods store.

If you really want to kick it up a notch, I would also pop a caffeine pill about 10-15 minutes before you head off to the gym or hop on the treadmill. Caffeine has been found to be a potent nervous system enhancer and fat loss initiator. It’s been to increase your sympathetic drive and increase the mobilization of fatty acids into the blood stream. This equates to more total fat loss over time. And combined with the fasted cardio program above, it can really add to your results big time.

Another easy way to target the belly fat around your mid section is with interval training. Interval training in my opinion is king when it comes to fat loss, specifically when it comes to specific exercises for love handles. The reason is because of EPOC, which is excess post oxygen consumption.

When you do some form of interval training whether that is through a cardiovascular workout or a metabolic resistance training workout, you incur an oxygen debt inside of your body. This oxygen debt needs to be made up by your body. This phenomenon happens over time. Therefore your metabolism is raised for hours on end and your body is burning extra calories. But the cool thing is that your body is burning these extra calories over the long haul from excess body fat stores. This is awesome news and pivotal when it comes to workouts to lose love handles.

Now you don’t need to go and do some type of interval training on a treadmill or elliptical. That does work and it works great, but you can get the same great response through the use of resistance training with either machines or free weights at the gym. In fact you don’t even need to use weights. You can get the job done with just your body weight. If you don’t believe me then look at the bodies of gymnasts. They are muscular and cut.

Even the females have muscles with low levels of body fat. And their entire training is based around high frequency, repeated body weight style movements. They do very little traditional weight training at all. However, I do prefer using free weights instead of your body weight because you have more control over the amount of resistance and people can just do this better as compared to a lot of the advanced body weight stuff.

Here is a sample workout you can do right now with just a pair of dumbbells.

A1) Overhead Dumbbell Presses

A2) Chin Ups

A3) Burpees

Go through each exercise and perform for 45 seconds. Rest, then repeat the sequence 3 more times for a total of 4 circuits.

B1) Pushups Into Renegade Rows

B2) Dumbbell Rows

B3) Bicycles

Go through each exercise and perform for 45 seconds. Rest, then repeat the sequence 3 more times for a total of 4 circuits.

C1) Weighted Jump Squats

C2) RDL’s

C3) Run In Place

Go through each exercise and perform for 45 seconds. Rest, then repeat the sequence 3 more times for a total of 4 circuits.

The above workout is a tough one especially if you are out of shape. But you don’t need to do all the exercises or run through the circuits 4x a piece. Feel free to cut the volume down in half or the time periods in half if that is what you can do. You’ll generally work up to the entire program before you know it.

But overall, there are no specific exercises for love handles that can help spot reduce this stubborn area. But by following the exact prescriptions above, you can use exercise to your advantage in helping to finally send your love handles on a permanent vacation.

If you want a full blown system to losing your love handles, then check out this video presentation right now => 3 “Weird” Tricks To Losing Stubborn Love Handles

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